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“All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.”
― Ernest Hemingway

Around the globe and throughout history, stories have been told of a great, undying tree at the center of the cosmos--the World Tree, with branches reaching upwards to support the heavens & roots which extend far past the world of the living, into the depths of the underworld. The World Tree is many things: for the creatures residing in its branches and trunk, it is a home; for the gods, it is a meeting place. To some, it is the source of life itself. To the Allfather Odin, who sacrificed himself in the pursuit of knowledge, it is a gallows.

The World Tree can be anything, and it can be all things, because it connects all that there is or has ever been. This year, we here at FOLIO would like to highlight these concepts of universal connection across the natural world. For our 2019 issue, FOLIO is seeking works which respond in some way to any of the themes found within the World Tree--branches and roots, ancestry and rebirth, fate and knowledge, wilderness and civilization.

Send us your essays about trees and the natural world, your writings about life’s inexorable cycle, about family trees, about fate, about feeling either completely of the world or hopelessly pitted against it.

  • 5,000 word maximum for prose submissions. Please submit only one (1) essay or three (3) works of flash non-fiction linked in one document.
  • Use a serif font (double-spaced) and number your pages.
  • Do not include identifying information in your submission document.

We are eager to read your submission. We are looking for a compelling voice, self-awareness & clear decision-making regarding structure + tone, diligent research (when relevant), and your ability to surprise us.