FOLIO VOLUME 36 (2021)

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Unlike our previous two issues, which each had a focused submission theme, this year, we opted to open for submissions of all subjects, themes, styles, and perspectives. We, as editors, wanted to ensure that the work we received would be able to encompass the raw emotion of current events—the COVID-19 pandemic, social justice movements against racism and white supremacist violence, to name a few—while also giving writers an opportunity to send in work that needn’t feel “rushed” or “timely.” We simply wanted work that cut to the core of all human experience.

In this issue: 

  • an interview with author Elissa Washuta about her new book White Magic, a collection of essays that bend narrative and time to confront past traumas and reclaim histories stolen by colonialism and violence
  • our annual Editor's Prize winners—the cover, our Editor's Prize for Art: an untitled piece by Mario Loprete; the Editor’s Prize for Poetry: Keith Woodruff's “Another Grief Poem”; the Editor's Prize Nonfiction: “My Father’s Ashes, Urn, and Tombstone” by Judith Saunders; and the Editor's Prize for Fiction: Kuros Charney’s “Shah Mat” 
  • Plus new work from the following Volume 36 contributors: Joanna Acevedo, Amin Ahmad, Mary Ardery, Emma Aylor, V. B. Borjen, Marisa P. Clark, Bruce Ducker, U.A Edwardson, Alan Elyshevitz, Diane Forman, Rebecca Givens Rolland, Laura Hetzel, Aiden Heung, Lisa Higgs, Cristina Legarda, Dawn Macdonald, Victoria Mendoza, Melissa Nunez, Ailsa Ross, Linds Sanders, Darci Schummer, Anindita Sengupta, Savannah Slone, Grace Q. Song, Samn Stockwell, Peter Vertacnik, Ashley Wagner, Maura Way, Jean Wolff

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