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In this issue: interviews with authors Christopher Citro, and Alberto Rios; all three winners of our 2016 Poetry Contest judged by award-winning poet Jericho Brown, and much more prose, poetry, and art that responds to The Surreal & Fantastical, our 2016 issue theme.

All gratitude and respect to our formidable list of contributors: E. Kristin Anderson, Rachel Ansong, Brandon Barrett, Priscilla Becker, Grant Clauser, Henry Crawford, Ivan De Monbrison, Hannah E. Dow, Jonathan Duckworth, Hollie Dugas, Paul Freidinger, Jonathan Greenhause, Ashley Hoffman, Steve Klepetar, Robert Kostuck, Sofia Lago, Mila Natasha Mendez, Jade Mere, Kathryn Merwin, Rees Nielsen, Alice Pettway, Todd Pierce, Claire Polders, Jessica Roeder, Brad Rose, E.M. Schorb, Marvin Shackelford, Maheshwar Sinha, Michael St. Germain, Ursula Villarreal-Moura, and Kirby Wright. 

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