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FOLIO in collaboration with Big Lucks are proud to present the winner of the 2015 Best Prize as selected by Ginger Ko:


Looming behind piles of discarded waste, ismael luna's leave anything weaves a lyric of survival cloaked in a faded tapestry of yellows and browns, wilted flowers, fake flowers, the smelll of attics and pink soap. Here, we exist in the "unavoidable smallness" of a reality that is unwelcoming. How waste and beauty mirror each other. How cultural violence is normaized. But though the spreads of this chapbook appear sparse they are never quiet--we are commanded to listen, to watch words interact across pages, to read and feel the power of language, and that of intersecting hybrid languages, to grow, create, and keep on living: "we are more / than mantles of / trauma."*

20% of all proceeds will be donated to the Camp of the Sacred Stones, a Spirit Camp along the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline.

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*Chapbook description by Big Lucks editor Kina Viola