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In this issue: interviews with authors Viola Allo and Michael Carroll; the winners of FOLIO's inaugural Editor's Prize: "Rainbow Trout" by Judson Evans (Poetry), "Creamer's House" by Louise Marburg (Fiction), and "Standing Still" by Deborah Guerra (Nonfiction); and much more prose, poetry, and art within our 32nd volume.

All gratitude and respect to our formidable list of contributors: Laura Bernstein-Machlay, Despy Boutris, Roger Camp, Shannon Castleton, Judson Evans, Allen Forrest, Debora Guerra, Lindsay Haber, Jennifer Harvey, Gloria Heffernan, Mercedes Lawry, Louise Marburg, Lia Mastropolo, Maria McLeod, Laurie Monahan, Dave Nielsen, Ed O’Casey, Abedemi Olowonira, Robert Pruitt, Josh Rathkamp, Varun Ravindran, Eileen Rush, Claire Scott, Alison Stone, Daniel Tobin, James Valvis, and Ursula Villarreal-Moura.

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